Is online gambling legal in Canada? – Complete guide to Canadian gambling laws –

Many people all around the world see gambling as one of the most entertaining activities. In the past years, many countries have regulated the market and made gambling available to their residents. People in Canada are no different, and they enjoy casino games, sports betting, and other forms of gambling regulated by the law. Canada is well-known for a high concentration of gamblers, and if you intend to try out your luck in some games, you should learn more about the Canadian gambling laws. We bring you all details at your fingertips, so dip into this article and find everything about online gambling in Canada you ever wanted to know.

How are Canada’s gambling laws regulated?

In the early 1970s, the Canadian government decided to decentralize the gambling legislation by changing the Criminal Code. Rather than doing it on the state level, the regulation of gambling markets is conducted by each province, with a couple of exceptions. In other words, each province established its governing body that deals with gambling legislation. This operating model is still in place, and individual provinces still enact laws that are related to online gaming, sports betting, and other gambling activities. However, the Canadian Gaming Commission is the regulatory body that oversees the entire industry at the country level. It ensures