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Morgan Stanley: 2 Stocks That Could Climb Over 40%

Since President Trump was released from the hospital, following his bout with the coronavirus, the headlines have turned towards the possibility of a new economic stimulus package. On both sides of the aisle, there’s a perception that the public needs this – support for unemployment benefits, support for small businesses, more cash injected into the system – as a new wave of COVID cases starts ramping up.The stumbling block is partisan politics. House Democrats put together a $2.2 trillion proposal, but it was loaded down with the traditional Congressional pork: plenty of funds for majority party pet projects, that would not likely get funded otherwise. Trump, with support from Congressional Republicans, refused to accept it. The Democrats refused to back down. Both sides are now refusing to negotiate. The media wisdom is, this is a political defeat for the President in the run-up to the election.But, however the political optics work out, the economy may survive without this life support, according to equity strategist Mike Wilson of Morgan Stanley.“I don’t think we need stimulus in the next 30 days for the economy to stay afloat. There is no risk of a double dip recession in the next 30 days if we don’t get the stimulus done,” Wilson wrote.In the longer run,