Are Pay n Play Casinos the future of online gambling? –

Pay n Play is one of the big new ways to play at your favourite casinos that could help to change the way we engage with them. If you are a player who likes to sign up to a casino, play with a few bonuses, and then move on to the next site, this could be an option for you. Let’s take a look at what Pay n Play entails, and what it could mean for the industry.

The Current Situation

Currently, when you sign up for a casino, you need to enter your personal details each time you join a new one. This means that you are giving out multiple sets of information all over the internet. In addition to this, you are required to verify your identity each time you join a new casino before you can make a withdrawal. This all adds up to a lot of time and a lot of repetitive actions that you need to perform but might not want to.

Pay n Play is a secure alternative that should help to circumnavigate some of this red tape. If adopted by more casinos, it could be just the thing to help players who need to prefer to jump between casinos as they play.

What Pay n Play Will Do

Pay n Play was developed by the payment