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Depositing is a key element behind playing online casino games. If you can’t deposit, then you can’t play for real money.

Unfortunately, not everybody is able to fund their account with ease. Some gamblers see their bank transfers and credit card casino deposits rejected.

A common misconception with the latter is that the credit card brand (e.g. Visa) blocks the deposit. In reality, the bank that issues the card is stopping the transaction.

In situations like these, you may wonder why banks are so apt to block gaming deposits, especially if you live in a completely legal jurisdiction.

This guide discusses more on the process that leads to financial institutions rejecting online gaming transactions. It also covers alternatives for getting around this issue.

What Happens When Your Casino Deposit Is Rejected?

Every banking institution has their own policy on internet gambling. Some are liberal with the matter, while others are staunchly against serving online casino players.

You’re more likely to see a credit card or transfer deposit rejected in the latter case. Such banks have stronger policies against allowing casino-related transactions.

Software is their first line of defense when catching online casino deposits. A software program can monitor transactions and reject anything suspicious.

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Banks may also employ individuals to manually go through transactions and look for anything that goes against their institution’s policies.

Of course, not every casino deposit gets rejected in these