Examining the online casino and holiday traditions fusion – Casino Beats

Every year we see Halloween slots take centre stage around this time, with provider’s all over the world creating spooky content. But how important are these to portfolios and do players still crave seasonal titles?

In the concluding part of a two-part mini-series, CasinoBeats once again gets the views of Andrew Crosby, Relax Gaming director of account management, Markus Antl, Greentube head of sales, Carl Ejlertsson, director of business development at Red Tiger, and Andy Sekula, head of games at Kalamba Games.

CasinoBeats: Are certain markets with strong holiday traditions, such as the United States, more receptive to seasonal content? Why could this be?

Andy Sekula, head of games of Kalamba.

AS: For sure. It all depends on people’s expectations of what they are used to and how popular the traditions are. Valentine’s Day for example, even though known globally, is still probably more celebrated in the USA than other parts of the world, so the content related to Valentine’s Day might be more appealing to players that live in the USA rather than other countries.

AC: For countries that have strong holiday traditions in terms of promotions, celebrations are likely to have a positive impact on seasonal games. If you are used to