How Much Money Do You Need To Start An Online Casino in Canada? – Innovation & Tech Today

Operating an online casino has the potential to bring in big bucks but also has some steep start-up expenses. Starting an online casino in Canada is not much different than starting an online casino anywhere else in the world, depending on the jurisdiction in which you choose to license your new casino.

The growing popularity of online gambling makes starting an online casino a very tempting endeavour to pursue. If you look around, you’ll see new online operators are popping up every other day in Canada, but starting one is not cheap at all and the competition can be fierce. So what does it take to get started?

What it Takes to Start an Online Casino in Canada

Starting an online gambling business is an alluring enterprise in today’s market. With a global pandemic keeping millions of people at home, online gambling has increased significantly. The profit margins in this business are staggering, provided you have a smart business plan and a generous budget to get started.

Obtain a Gaming License

When starting an online casino, one of the biggest expenses you’ll face is getting a license. This is the most important part of the process and gives you the legal right to conduct online business in one (or more countries). You need one of these for two important reasons (both of which will affect your bottom line).

  • Access to high-quality software suppliers (casino platforms) that will not do business with quasi-legal or illegal entities. And without their intellectual