EDITORIAL: State should allow mobile sports betting – The Daily Gazette


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With the state budget deficit expected to approach $60 billion in the next four years, and with no guarantee that Congress or the new Biden Administration will bail out New York with a large enough financial relief package, the state can’t afford to leave a single revenue dollar unexplored.

That’s why the Legislature must finish what it started and allow mobile sports betting in New York.

The expansion of sports gambling in New York would help the regional casinos, including Rivers in Schenectady, help fill state coffers through taxes and licensing fees, and capitalize on an untapped $150 billion industry that many people are already participating in: betting on sports online.

Allowing mobile sports betting also would help the state recover gambling revenue that is going to other states such as New Jersey, where mobile sports betting its already legal, popular and generating millions of dollars for other states.

The mobile gambling works with technology to only allow betting online from within the jurisdictions where it’s legal.

Gamblers from New York, particularly those who live close to New York City, are known to drive into New Jersey and park by the side of the road or in parking lots, where their smart-phones allow them to make bets.

State Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara, a member of the Assembly’s Racing and Wagering Committee, is pushing a bill (A6113/S00017), which would set up the regulatory structure to complement New York’s already available, but