Caesars Entertainment Acquires Colombian Online Betting Operator Alfabet with Eye on Latin American… –

UK sportsbook William Hill, acquired by Caesars Entertainment in September for $2.9 billion, announced Sunday that it picked up a majority stake of Columbia-based Alfabet SAS—an online casino and sports gambling operation run under the BetAlfa name.

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Caesars-owned UK sportsbook William Hill announced Sunday that it acquired a majority stake of Columbia-based sportsbook Alfabet and its BetAlfa brand. The move predates an expansion of legal online sports gambling into Brazil, predicted to happen as early as July, 2021. (Image: Getty)

Alfabet and BetAlfa are relatively new players on the scene, having been in operation only since November 2018. The company specializes in the growing sports betting market in Colombia, and the acquisition makes Colombia the ninth regulated country where William Hill is currently active.

Looking at the big picture, however, makes the tiny acquisition more intriguing. Caesars experienced a bump in share price in late September after the company struck a partnership with ESPN and its parent, The Walt Disney Company.

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The deal included link integrations from ESPN’s digital platforms to sportsbooks from William Hill, including geo-targeted betting opportunities to legalized sports betting states and appearing on ESPN+,, and ESPN web and mobile.

“For ESPN, our approach entering into this