The Sports Betting 101 Series: Sports Betting and Online Casinos – What’s The Difference? – Vikings Territory

From ordering food to watching movies and communicating with our loved/hated ones, everything is now just one click away thanks to a wonderful thing called the world wide web. COVID dialed things up to 11 in that regard, as many leaned HARD on the internet (as the teens call it) for every bit of their social lives, work, and entertainment.

That brings us to the topic of today’s continuing series on the recently new advent of legal sports betting and the NFL. While the Minnesota legislature has yet to approve the stalled bill that’d allow sports betting in the state, many other states (where we get a decent amount of traffic) like Iowa, where it’s totally legal for anyone to place a bet on their favorite teams.

You can see Vikings legend John Randle down in Iowa after his first bet which happened to be on the Twins. He placed a $93 bet, for obvious reasons, and talked to the media about how as a former player he didn’t see any issue with sports betting especially in terms of shady insiders influencing the outcome of games / individual player